Meet ‘The Boys’

Photo of Stags at Church Farm Oxford

Church Farm has a strong group of stags from a variety of breeding lines around the United Kingdom. 

Redesdale - the dominant male of the group - is nine and nearing his retirement. He’s got an easy going nature, “he never gives us any trouble” says Tom.

He continues, “I've learnt from those in the industry that want a steady stag. And I understand that 100% You want a nice steady animal. When they come into the breeding season - the rutting period - they'll be completely a different animal. You wouldn't consider driving into a paddock with them.”

Hudson, is another dominant male in the group, “although he’s not got the most magnificent head, he's got great conformation, a really nice body form.”

The younger boys are a varied in look and temperament. Sunningwell is grumpy much of the time “he's never happy to see anyone really”; Drake is the youngest at two years old; and Cardinal has a huge set of antlers. And although they’ve not ventured much out of Oxfordshire, Edmund and Shackleton are named after two of the 20th century’s greatest explorers.