About Us


We are really proud to introduce you to Church Farm and Park Venison, which is managed and run by us: Tom and Chloe. 

Deer have become our passion, and way of life. It's a huge priority to us that we are sustainably and naturally rearing our animals to the highest welfare standards possible. We have worked hard to improve our herd of red deer over the last five years through selective breeding and careful husbandry. 

We now have an established, quality herd of animals and produce prime venison from animals reared naturally on our land in South Oxfordshire, and delivered to your door.

Living on-site, close to our herds, allows us to be with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The environment and habitat in which our animals live is hugely important to us. We love to plant hedges, trees and all things green, walk our dogs and educate people about our animals. 

We hope that you enjoy all that Church Farm has to offer.

Tom & Chloe

Photo of Tom and Chloe from Church Road Oxford Deer Farm