Scoring antlers

Scoring deer antler


This amazing antler was from Redesdale - a nine year old stag - from about two years ago. He naturally cast this in late March - casting an antler means that it simply falls off. It’s not uncommon for Tom and Chloe to walk into the paddock in in spring and see stag with only one antler - their heads tilted with the weight.

Tom talks some more about his love of antlers and explains how you score their size: “These antlers are phenomenal - absolute works of art. With the coronet at the base, the first three tines of the antler are called the brow, the bey and the trey. Then you move up main beam into what we call the crown, which is a lovely, complex of antlers. So of rule is that if you can hang binoculars from a from a tine then that counts as a point. So particular antler would be 16 points. And if he's got exactly the same on the other antler, then you're looking at 32 points.”